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When a child testifies in such a humorous way, you have to share… this is a true testament of how Jesus works miracles.

One of my favorite 3-year olds was extremely restless at nap time last week.  After struggling with her for almost an hour, her teacher laid her hand on the child’s chest and firmly said, “Child! In the name of Jesus, GO TO SLEEP!”  The 3-year old went right to sleep… it was a miracle, we all believed.

When she awoke she stood straight up, lifted her arms up to stretch and exclaimed, “In the name of Jesus, that was the BEST nap I’ve ever had!”  We’ve all laughed about it ever since… but don’t you know she asks to be prayed to sleep every day at nap time now?  Ah, the power of The Lord…

Share this story with your friends and family.  It’s guaranteed to bring a smile and warmth to your heart.

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