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Part of this endeavor of blogging is to recognize and acknowledge the signs that I’m given as they come to me and the meaning behind them as I interpret it.  Come to think of it, it’s most of the endeavor, not just part of it.  So much of it is based on “First you say it, then it happens”.  I’ve had lots of that lately, so I thought I’d share.

Just before Thanksgiving while playing Yahtzee with my favorite 6 year old niece, I told her to say out loud that she was going to get a “Full House” on her next roll.  She said it, and rolled it on the next turn.  She was tickled pink as I reiterated to her, “See, first you say it, then it happens.”

Last weekend we visited with more of our favorite people and their oldest daughter had a loose tooth that she was determined to wiggle out for us while we were there.  I told her to be patient, and I promised in 3 days it would come out.  Her mom reported to me today that sure enough, 3 days later, that tooth came right out.  First you say it, then it happens.

I wondered today about a colleague that wanted to read to me about my astrological moon sign (which apparently is a Pisces moon?).  She pegged my personality after looking up my birthday in her book of astrological meaning, and I mean she had me to a “T”.  She knew that I have premonitions, my dreams come to fruition, and that I can see Spirit when no one else can.  This woman is new to my workplace and doesn’t know anything about me.  The message I got immediately following her reading was that her words were not words of God, that Satan comes in many forms and will appeal to the parts of me that he can get to, where he thinks there are weaknesses.  I wondered about it through the afternoon, then another coworker (who knew nothing about the “reading”) mentioned about how Satan works through the smile of foes, trying to appeal to your weakness, and that when you feel that gnawing gut feeling that something’s off, it is.  This was my sign not to listen to the tongues that try to tempt me, that try to lead me away from my path of faith.  I’m paying attention and taking heed.

My husband and I were making a difficult decision this week about our living situation.  Right when we had come to a conclusion and decided to go one way, we got a phone call that very next moment that told us that where we had planned to go was now considered a flood zone.  You don’t have to hit me with a ton of bricks to get that point.  

We’ve prayed in the past few months after being robbed of possessions from our own yard that justice would be served and that the things of my husband’s sentimental value would be returned.  After much prayer and lots of emotions, we got a call last weekend to come identify one item.  It was his and I was happy to announce it on my Facebook to my family and friends.  My sister asked if it was the sentimental item and I replied, “No, it wasn’t his daddy’s but it’ll turn up soon.”  Yesterday my husband got the call that his treasure had been found and it was returned to him, and to give us more to rejoice about, the crook was locked up.  It was the first night either of us has slept in months.  First I said it, then it happened.

Speak what you want to come to you.  Speak positively about yourself, about your life, even if you can’t see the forest through the trees.  God will answer your prayers if you put your faith and trust in Him.  I am living proof that prayers ARE answered and that God is listening to each and every one of them.  He keeps me safe in my travels, He keeps my intuition sharp, He loves me unconditionally, He provides everything I need in life.  He will for you too.  All you have to do is ask.

In Jesus’ name, I praise and thank Him for all of my blessings, Amen!

When I was younger, in my childhood, I had a recurring nightmare.  It would leave me physically and emotionally wrenched.  I still remember it clearly. So does my mother, since she would have to calm me when I would wake up from it shaking and scared, sometimes still hearing the dream even though my eyes were open.

In it, I was in the corner of a dimly lit room, very small compared to a heavy force I couldn’t describe to my mom when she asked what it was. I could barely see it was so dark. There was screaming all around me, like people were suffering, and I was scared beyond belief. I could hear a voice whispering quietly nearby, “It’s going to be okay.  It’s going to be okay.”  This would repeat until I’d wake up, feeling scared and suffocated.

I had this dream/nightmare repeatedly through my childhood into my teen years, and then it stopped.  I described it in detail to my mother every time it happened, so she was very familiar with it.

When I was about to turn 25 I got very sick with Ulcerative Colitis.  Two days before Christmas we had a snow storm and lost power. At 4:00am I was in my mom’s bathroom, a candle lit for light, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs from the pain I was in (my guts were in the process of rupturing).  All of a sudden, out of desperation, my mom started whispering, “It’s going to be okay.  It’s going to be okay.”  I stopped screaming.  It was dimly lit, and I was the person in my dream that was in pain.  I recognized it as soon as it happened, said to my mom “Do you remember that dream?” (I didn’t need to tell her which one, she knew what I was talking about without question)  I told her if she didn’t get me to a hospital right then that I was going to die.  She knew.  We both did.  Thanks to that recurring dream. I spent the next two months in the hospital recovering from the surgery that saved my life, leaving me with a permanent colostomy and at age 25, not a whole lot of hope.

That dream was only one of several I’ve had that have come to fruition.  As of late, I’ve been having the most awful nightmares.  I had one again last night and was unable to sleep after that.  I can’t help but wonder if because my faith is stronger now and I’m more vocal about it, spreading His word here and sharing with the people around me, if it has deterred the evil that lurks about me so it has to come to me in dream form, or if possibly God is warning me again about how to protect myself.  Either way, it’s an awful feeling.

Some people call it de’ja vu.  What do you call it?  Have you had similar experiences?  I want to know if other people receive messages though dreams, and whether it’s clear or you have to search for the meaning deeper.  Most of my dreams have been pretty accurate, like the one i described already.

Since my dreams haven’t been so pleasant lately, and I know that you have to project what you want to surround yourself with, let me declare this right now: I will not cave to any of Satan’s wishes, in dream form or physical.  I am a Child of God, the most High, Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  I am strong and faithful, a good and kind person, and no evil will defeat me!  In Jesus’ name I praise and thank Him, Amen!

In the past few months my family and I have been through a lot of trying situations.  I’ve asked God to give me bigger signs that He is listening to me, that He’s hearing my prayers.  I already know He is because my prayers are repeatedly answered. Today I just wanted to give an account of how when you ask for big things, you get big things.

First, my father is recuperating from open heart surgery.  At Thanksgiving he was able to sit at the table and say the most heart-felt blessing I’ve ever heard and it brought me to tears. This was a man who turned his back on God for most of my life and has turned that around in the past few years.  His faith is strengthening everyday, which helps encourage me to continue on my path of faith and therefore, epiphanies.  My dad’s health has been a big answered prayer, big.

Then during the same dinner we mentioned nurses that had made such a positive impact on us that we would always remember them.  Dad had a few new ones that have helped him through this recent ordeal.  I recalled two of my own, Lucy and Angie, who were complete angels to me when my colon ruptured almost 14 years ago.  I’m not sure where Lucy is now, but she holds a very special spot in my heart.  Angie has moved with her family to another state, and she too holds a special place right beside Lucy.

Yesterday my husband decided he wanted a treat from Dairy Queen (an unusual stop for us). When I walked out of the bathroom Angie was standing there with her children and mother-in-law.  I was shocked – she lives so far away I was sure I’d never see her again.  I was quick to remind her of who I was, and she remembered me. I told her that we had JUST talked about her the night before because she was so good to me and that I appreciated her still, 14 years later.  She hugged me and thanked me, gave me the kind smile I remembered and we laughed for a minute… then I said good bye.

I’ve said it before, so I hope you’re paying attention: FIRST YOU SAY IT, THEN IT HAPPENS! We spoke of someone who lives so far away, Clay and I made a random stop to a place we rarely go, and there she was.  Coincidence? No.  No such thing.  God was giving me my sign that He is listening.  It was up to me to recognize it and give thanks where thanks was deserved.

Today we were out and about and got a phone call that one of the guns that was stolen from us had been recovered by the authorities.  We went and identified it, and sure enough, it was ours.  We’ve been praying that our things that were taken, leaving us feeling very vulnerable and hurt, would be returned.  This was another sign that our prayers are being answered.

These are Big Signs.  Sometimes the signs aren’t so big, but you have to be aware, you have to look for true meaning.  God is listening.  Let me give more thanks where thanks is due:  Dear God, Thank YOU for all that You do for me and my loved ones.  I know that it is because of You that I have continued success in my marriage and my life’s endeavors.  I will continue to spread your Word so that others may be blessed as well. Thank You for listening to each and every prayer.  Thank You for bringing us through adversity to be better people.  I pray that You keep moving us forward to our goals and that we continue to be good examples of how Faith and Love are blessings from You.  In Jesus’ name I praise and thank You, Amen!

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