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I’ve been called by God to share my life’s experiences in this public forum in hopes that you will learn from my own lessons and apply them to your life as needed.  This is my first seed planted and I expect it will grow, much like this head of cabbage in our garden:


We planted our fall garden in August and we’ve watched it grow into beautiful produce for our family and friends.  If we can be blessed with a garden that feeds our mouths, we can surely bless others with our bounty.  This is the root of my blog, my word to you, the word as God gives it to me, through me, to you.

I’m completely new to blogging, so I ask for your patience and kindness while I learn the ropes.  I am human, I make mistakes, and that’s what this blog is all about: Learning from life’s mistakes and turning our words to make positive changes for our future.  I’ve named this blog “The Blessed Ewe” for several reasons.  First, I AM BLESSED!  I’m shown that more each and everyday.  Second, I once was a lost lamb, but I’ve been found, repented of my sins and have given my life back over to God, the Lord Jesus, My Savior.  Third, I’m an avid knitter, and my yarn is produced from wool, that comes from the sheep, the lamb, the EWE.  (If you don’t know, “Ewe” means sheep, and is pronounced “You”)  You’ll soon come to know that I love alliteration, so any chance I get to play with words in a meaningful, humorous way, I will.  I’ll be sharing lots of things about my life and those around me, about cooking, knitting, gardening, etc.  Stay tuned.

I’ll be sharing my epiphanies each day, as each tomorrow brings new revelations to me, and through me you too will experience God’s blessings.  If you have doubts, if you wonder if God has favor over your life, if you worry about anything to the point that it makes you ill, know that you’re not alone.  God is with you.  God wants you to know that you are reading this right now because He meant for you to.  There is no such thing as coincidence; trust in the Lord.

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