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Anyone who knows me personally has heard me say over the years, “First you say it, then it happens”. I’ve even mentioned it in previous blog entries and warned you that I’d talk about it again. This morning the message I received while saying my morning prayers was to tell you more about this steadfast belief of mine.

I know you’ve all experienced it in one way or another. You’ll mention a friend you haven’t heard from in awhile, then you’ll get a message or call from them within days. You’ll voice a fear about your health, job, friends or family, any situation that plagues you… after all, it’s normal to discuss our fears with those who will listen. Most of the time whatever you’re voicing your fear about comes to fruition. If you’re fearing illness, the illness increases. If you fear debt, your debt increases. You may fear losing a loved one, and that person grows farther from you straining your relationship.  You see, first you say it, then it happens.

When it finally occurred to me that this was happening I quickly learned that if you acknowledge the bad things you’re talking about it seems to cancel it out.  I’d tell my friends, “Quick, say it! It’s not going to happen because we’re talking about it!”  I didn’t know at the time why that worked, but it did, and more friends than I can begin to tell you would join me in the recognition of these derogatory statements and are now quick to “cancel them out”.  I must note, that not all of my friends share my faith in God, but we all were shown that this theory was actually true, and on more than one occasion.

After turning my life around, learning more about the miracles that God works in my life, I learned that our words have so much power over our lives. Our words set into motion whatever it is we’re speaking of, positive or negative. If you don’t learn anything else from my writings, please take heed this: First you say it, then it happens (disclaimer: unless you acknowledge the fact that you’re talking about it, then it cancels it out) – it’s my first rule of thumb, so to speak.

I’ve learned that I have to use my words to speak promise and favor into my life. I’ve learned that every time I speak negatively I only draw negative to myself.  I’ve learned that what we speak, we believe.  Repetition becomes habit. Let positive speaking become your new habit. You’ll reap great rewards from it because God will see your faith in His power to make change in your life. Not only will You hear your words, God will hear your words, positive or negative, and make the ball roll faster than you intended because we live in His time, not ours.  God wants you to achieve greatness, who He created you to be, to reach your full potential; your words have the power to make anything (ANYTHING!!) happen.

Have faith in your words.  Speak frankly and positively about your life and your needs. For myself, I speak that I will heal more everyday. I lead a happy life by choice. I am blessed. You see, when you speak that you are blessed, God blesses you.  It may seem a little “out there”, but try it… what can it hurt?  Just remember to be careful with your words; they have the power to grace you or condemn you, but it’s your choice.

Today I pray that all of us will choose our words wisely. I pray that you will see the power God has to put your prayers, your words into motion. I pray that you will have a positive, happy experience that will give you strength in your faith, not only today, but for all of the days to come.  Make the best out of today, be positive, be happy. It’s your choice.  For all of these things, and in thanks, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!

I said out loud I'd find a great dog - Look what happened! Thank you, Jesus!

I said out loud, more than once, that I’d find the dog that needed me as much as I needed her; that she would always be at my feet for comfort and protection. God blessed me with Mia, and I couldn’t possibly love an animal any more than I love her, and I know the feeling is mutual. Just another small example: First you say it, Then it happens! Thank you, Jesus!

I make no secrets of the struggles I’ve had in my 38 years.  I speak frankly to those who will hear it.  I have had more health problems than most 80 year olds endure, but to look at me you’d never know it.  Stress is my major contributor.  I have an ileostomy (colostomy, but to a more severe degree) due to a battle with Ulcerative Colitis, and I’ve had it for going on 14 years now.  (I won’t mention my other surgeries yet, it will come in time as it applies to my message to you)

Recently I’ve had a change in employment, our finances have been strained to say the very least, we’ve been plagued by false accusations of all kinds, we’ve been robbed of our possessions… and now my body is taking the inevitable toll in the wrong direction.

In my despair my faith has been strengthened.  It would be very easy for me to turn around and say, “God, why have your turned your back on me?  Haven’t I turned my life around for you?”  But the truth is that God has provided a way to propel both myself and my husband to a greater destiny.  Through all of this adversity I have found blessing beyond belief.  Our families have united where we were once broken.  My father has been saved by open heart surgery.  My employer is understanding of my health issues and has given me time to recuperate.  My husband has been provided with work, just enough to keep a roof over our heads and food in the pantry.  Our garden is growing and we’re able to share with others.  My prayers are being answered.

Once again, I’m living proof that God works through me and in all of us.  For the first time I was able to inspire people around me to believe that better things are coming.  I’ve always said, and sternly to my friends, “First you say it, then it happens.”  Most of the time it was a warning… typically we would mention someone that we hadn’t seen in awhile and they would call within a day.  That’s just a minor example.  I’ve learned that we have to be careful with our words, both in written and spoken form.  Our words have power.  They can give us grace or condemn us to a life of misery.

My body is worn, but my Spirit is strong!  I am living proof that you can use your words to inspire and that in turn you will be blessed.  My body is tired, but I speak that I’m getting better each day.  This infection WILL NOT get the best of me.  I WILL heal and be stronger in my faith because of it.  I AM a child of God and one of my many purposes in life is to touch you and bless you… that’s why you’re reading this right now.  Remember, there are no coincidences, there’s only the road the God has paved for us.  Trust in Him and give your worries to Him.  It’s human nature to worry, to stress… but my lesson for today is that although my body might not feel like it, my soul knows that God has his hand on me and I am blessed for sharing my experiences with you.

I AM Blessed.  You are blessed.  Believe it and you’ll see major changes in your life in ways you never knew possible.  That’s a promise.

Have a blessed day!  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!Image

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