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Good morning, everyone!  Today is going to be an amazing day!  My body is healing, my spirit is strengthened, and I’m passing my blessing on to you through these words.  Thank you for reading them.

I have recently started my mornings reading excerpts from Joel Osteen’s latest book, “I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life”.  He always has such a positive message and we enjoy watching his sermons on Sundays before we go to church.  To be blessed with his prayers of guidance and praise has graced me with peace of mind in my difficult situation(s).

Today is my 16th day of reading (one for each day of the month).  Today I will show more than ever my faith in God, today new doors will open for me.  Today I will get good news on my finances, my health, and my faith will be strengthened.  You see, first you say it, then it happens.  It’s true.  You’ll hear me repeat that over and over because it’s SO true.  If you sit around feeling sorry for yourself, worrying about that which is beyond your control, the only result is more worry, more sorrow.  You believe that you’re unworthy of God’s greatness.  That’s not true.  That’s the devil playing in your head with your emotions.  Instead, stand up and strengthen your backbone, fill your heart with joy by saying out loud “I am going to have a great day!  I am happy!  I am healthy!  I am loved!  I am a child of God!”.  I promise you’ll see positive things happen in your day.  It could be anything from a smile from a stranger to a promotion at work – you never know what door God is going to open for you just for putting faith in his Power over your life.

Let this inspire you today:  it’s no mistake that you’ve read it… God brought you here to read it in the first place.  I dare say I don’t know you personally, but I do know you in God’s eyes.  We share many things in common and we can learn from each other.  Let today be the day you make changes that push you even farther to your destiny.  Be positive, smile and be gracious with those who don’t know you, love the people around you and let them know how much they’re appreciated.  God will bless you for your good deeds, and you will see greatness grace you.

Enjoy your day – I know I will because I’ve started it on the right foot.  Today is going to be GREAT!  Peace be with you, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

When a child testifies in such a humorous way, you have to share… this is a true testament of how Jesus works miracles.

One of my favorite 3-year olds was extremely restless at nap time last week.  After struggling with her for almost an hour, her teacher laid her hand on the child’s chest and firmly said, “Child! In the name of Jesus, GO TO SLEEP!”  The 3-year old went right to sleep… it was a miracle, we all believed.

When she awoke she stood straight up, lifted her arms up to stretch and exclaimed, “In the name of Jesus, that was the BEST nap I’ve ever had!”  We’ve all laughed about it ever since… but don’t you know she asks to be prayed to sleep every day at nap time now?  Ah, the power of The Lord…

Share this story with your friends and family.  It’s guaranteed to bring a smile and warmth to your heart.

I’ve been called by God to share my life’s experiences in this public forum in hopes that you will learn from my own lessons and apply them to your life as needed.  This is my first seed planted and I expect it will grow, much like this head of cabbage in our garden:


We planted our fall garden in August and we’ve watched it grow into beautiful produce for our family and friends.  If we can be blessed with a garden that feeds our mouths, we can surely bless others with our bounty.  This is the root of my blog, my word to you, the word as God gives it to me, through me, to you.

I’m completely new to blogging, so I ask for your patience and kindness while I learn the ropes.  I am human, I make mistakes, and that’s what this blog is all about: Learning from life’s mistakes and turning our words to make positive changes for our future.  I’ve named this blog “The Blessed Ewe” for several reasons.  First, I AM BLESSED!  I’m shown that more each and everyday.  Second, I once was a lost lamb, but I’ve been found, repented of my sins and have given my life back over to God, the Lord Jesus, My Savior.  Third, I’m an avid knitter, and my yarn is produced from wool, that comes from the sheep, the lamb, the EWE.  (If you don’t know, “Ewe” means sheep, and is pronounced “You”)  You’ll soon come to know that I love alliteration, so any chance I get to play with words in a meaningful, humorous way, I will.  I’ll be sharing lots of things about my life and those around me, about cooking, knitting, gardening, etc.  Stay tuned.

I’ll be sharing my epiphanies each day, as each tomorrow brings new revelations to me, and through me you too will experience God’s blessings.  If you have doubts, if you wonder if God has favor over your life, if you worry about anything to the point that it makes you ill, know that you’re not alone.  God is with you.  God wants you to know that you are reading this right now because He meant for you to.  There is no such thing as coincidence; trust in the Lord.

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