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Today was Women’s Day at church. I was asked to give the sermon because my pastor reads my blog and thought I would deliver a good message. I had made notes in preparation, but found when I was at the podium the words that came weren’t mine at all.

I prayed this morning that God would give His message though me and that the congregation would receive it willingly. My intent was to talk about how to hear God when he speaks to us. So often we let everyday trials clutter our minds and hearts to the point that we can’t let our ears hear. We have the ability to hear God in ways other than using our ears. When we can quiet ourselves for just a few minutes, God’s message can be heard loud and clear, even if it’s a quiet as a whisper.

We are always on the search for meaning in life, answers to questions that seem impossible to answer. Ask God. Be willing to listen to what he has to say in return. You might not get the answer immediately, and a lot of the time it’s not the answer you may want to hear. But if you put all of your faith and trust in the Lord, knowing that he has paved this life path for you, knowing that he always hears your concerns and needs, it pleases Him and he will answer…in His time.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Expect that when you pray, God will hear you. Ask for miracles. Show him that you have faith in His almighty power to work miracles in your life and he will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

Lord, thank you for speaking through me today to my church family. I pray that each of us grows stronger in our faith and that you will give us mercy and bless us with joy. I pray that you will work miracles for our loved ones who are suffering from physical pain as well as spiritual, and bring us closer together in You. In Jesus’ name I praise and thank you, amen!


My sweet Mia gave birth to 13 amazing little puppies early Saturday morning. 2 didn’t make it, but these 11 are troopers! My heart overflows with joy when I look at them and hear the cries for their mama. It’s going to be hard to give them new homes when the time comes.

The weekend proved to be challenging not only for Mia, but for myself as well. We were blessed with these little miracles. We were blessed with time to spend with much loved friends and their children. I was also blessed with the knowledge that not all people share in the joy I’ve found since I’ve been baptized and traded in my previous lifestyle for a life filled with religious epiphanies.

You might question why I call this a blessing. It’s because I see knowledge of any form as a blessing. I’ll be the first to admit that my life prior to October 23, 2011 was full of sin. I still sin, after all, I am human. I just try to be a good Christian now, whereas before I didn’t see myself as being held accountable to a higher power, to God. I’ve been called a hypocrite, crazy, a “whackadoo”, etc. for my recent sharing of my experiences. My blessing is knowing that no matter what people think or say, my faith is not wavering. My blessing is knowing that God’s opinion is really the only one that matters. After all, He’s who I need to answer to when my time comes to leave this world, not friends, not family, not strangers.

As a reader you have the choice to read my writings or to pass by them. I’ve invited opinions and offered comparisons of experiences so that we may learn from each other. I do not push my beliefs on anyone else. I simply publish what I think and feel because it’s my right, just like everyone else, to do so. When you feel like I’m pushing you in a Christian direction, perhaps you should ask yourself what the pushing is about… whether it’s me being “overboard” or whether it’s God calling you to step up your game. Either way, it’s your call, your decision to keep reading or to discard my words. After all, we all have a freedom of choice.

My choice is to honor God. My choice is to continue to give thanks publicly for all of my blessings, my family, my friends, and my new little puppies. My choice is to lead my life by what the Bible tells me to do, to live by God’s word, to try to be a better Christian every day of the rest of my life. I pray that God touches all who need him and forgives all of us to whom it applies for ever turning our backs on our faith. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

Those that are close to us know that we’ve been through some very trying times in the past few months. Today was the day we’ve been waiting for, praying every day that things would go our way.  We’ve asked for prayer from our friends, family, church family, coworkers, anyone who we know are deeply rooted in their faith.  We’ve prayed that the person who pressed charges against my husband, falsely accusing him, would have God come into his heart.  We’ve prayed that justice would be served and that Clay would be cleared of these false charges.  We’ve prayed that we wouldn’t have to worry anymore that we would be robbed in the middle of the night by this man or any of his accomplices.

Our prayers were answered today.  All of them.  We waited patiently as the judge called each case and heard their testimony, gave her ruling, and moved on to the next dramatic incident.  We heard lies, we heard pleading, we heard truth.  I noticed that the judge was wearing a small cross on the outside of her robe.  I knew that God was in that courtroom and that His hand was on us, just like we’d prayed for.  Finally, they brought out the man dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit, the one who robbed us of our sleep, our possessions, our sanity, and our security.  But he didn’t rob us of our faith.  If anything, this whole ordeal has made our faith stronger.  I never thought I’d say it, but I’m thankful that because of this experience we are better Christians.  God promises that He will bring us through the difficult times not only answering our prayers, but propelling us to a better destiny for keeping our faith in Him.

This man is facing 10 felonies as it stood today.  Tonight I pray that God comes into his heart, into the heart of his girlfriend, and anyone else that was involved with his crimes.  I pray that they get to know God as we have and can begin to trust in Him to turn their lives around.

Tonight I give thanks for a loving, honest, amazing husband.  I give thanks for his freedom, cleared name, and renewed happiness.  I give thanks that tonight we can relax and sleep well knowing that God is ever present in our lives and that our prayers and the prayers of those who care for us have been answered.  I praise and thank Him!  Thank You, Jesus, not only for dying for our sins, but for hearing each and every prayer, bringing us through adversity praying stronger prayers with stronger faith in You and Your Power in our lives.  For all of our blessings and so, so much more… I praise and thank you, In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Part of this endeavor of blogging is to recognize and acknowledge the signs that I’m given as they come to me and the meaning behind them as I interpret it.  Come to think of it, it’s most of the endeavor, not just part of it.  So much of it is based on “First you say it, then it happens”.  I’ve had lots of that lately, so I thought I’d share.

Just before Thanksgiving while playing Yahtzee with my favorite 6 year old niece, I told her to say out loud that she was going to get a “Full House” on her next roll.  She said it, and rolled it on the next turn.  She was tickled pink as I reiterated to her, “See, first you say it, then it happens.”

Last weekend we visited with more of our favorite people and their oldest daughter had a loose tooth that she was determined to wiggle out for us while we were there.  I told her to be patient, and I promised in 3 days it would come out.  Her mom reported to me today that sure enough, 3 days later, that tooth came right out.  First you say it, then it happens.

I wondered today about a colleague that wanted to read to me about my astrological moon sign (which apparently is a Pisces moon?).  She pegged my personality after looking up my birthday in her book of astrological meaning, and I mean she had me to a “T”.  She knew that I have premonitions, my dreams come to fruition, and that I can see Spirit when no one else can.  This woman is new to my workplace and doesn’t know anything about me.  The message I got immediately following her reading was that her words were not words of God, that Satan comes in many forms and will appeal to the parts of me that he can get to, where he thinks there are weaknesses.  I wondered about it through the afternoon, then another coworker (who knew nothing about the “reading”) mentioned about how Satan works through the smile of foes, trying to appeal to your weakness, and that when you feel that gnawing gut feeling that something’s off, it is.  This was my sign not to listen to the tongues that try to tempt me, that try to lead me away from my path of faith.  I’m paying attention and taking heed.

My husband and I were making a difficult decision this week about our living situation.  Right when we had come to a conclusion and decided to go one way, we got a phone call that very next moment that told us that where we had planned to go was now considered a flood zone.  You don’t have to hit me with a ton of bricks to get that point.  

We’ve prayed in the past few months after being robbed of possessions from our own yard that justice would be served and that the things of my husband’s sentimental value would be returned.  After much prayer and lots of emotions, we got a call last weekend to come identify one item.  It was his and I was happy to announce it on my Facebook to my family and friends.  My sister asked if it was the sentimental item and I replied, “No, it wasn’t his daddy’s but it’ll turn up soon.”  Yesterday my husband got the call that his treasure had been found and it was returned to him, and to give us more to rejoice about, the crook was locked up.  It was the first night either of us has slept in months.  First I said it, then it happened.

Speak what you want to come to you.  Speak positively about yourself, about your life, even if you can’t see the forest through the trees.  God will answer your prayers if you put your faith and trust in Him.  I am living proof that prayers ARE answered and that God is listening to each and every one of them.  He keeps me safe in my travels, He keeps my intuition sharp, He loves me unconditionally, He provides everything I need in life.  He will for you too.  All you have to do is ask.

In Jesus’ name, I praise and thank Him for all of my blessings, Amen!

In the past few months my family and I have been through a lot of trying situations.  I’ve asked God to give me bigger signs that He is listening to me, that He’s hearing my prayers.  I already know He is because my prayers are repeatedly answered. Today I just wanted to give an account of how when you ask for big things, you get big things.

First, my father is recuperating from open heart surgery.  At Thanksgiving he was able to sit at the table and say the most heart-felt blessing I’ve ever heard and it brought me to tears. This was a man who turned his back on God for most of my life and has turned that around in the past few years.  His faith is strengthening everyday, which helps encourage me to continue on my path of faith and therefore, epiphanies.  My dad’s health has been a big answered prayer, big.

Then during the same dinner we mentioned nurses that had made such a positive impact on us that we would always remember them.  Dad had a few new ones that have helped him through this recent ordeal.  I recalled two of my own, Lucy and Angie, who were complete angels to me when my colon ruptured almost 14 years ago.  I’m not sure where Lucy is now, but she holds a very special spot in my heart.  Angie has moved with her family to another state, and she too holds a special place right beside Lucy.

Yesterday my husband decided he wanted a treat from Dairy Queen (an unusual stop for us). When I walked out of the bathroom Angie was standing there with her children and mother-in-law.  I was shocked – she lives so far away I was sure I’d never see her again.  I was quick to remind her of who I was, and she remembered me. I told her that we had JUST talked about her the night before because she was so good to me and that I appreciated her still, 14 years later.  She hugged me and thanked me, gave me the kind smile I remembered and we laughed for a minute… then I said good bye.

I’ve said it before, so I hope you’re paying attention: FIRST YOU SAY IT, THEN IT HAPPENS! We spoke of someone who lives so far away, Clay and I made a random stop to a place we rarely go, and there she was.  Coincidence? No.  No such thing.  God was giving me my sign that He is listening.  It was up to me to recognize it and give thanks where thanks was deserved.

Today we were out and about and got a phone call that one of the guns that was stolen from us had been recovered by the authorities.  We went and identified it, and sure enough, it was ours.  We’ve been praying that our things that were taken, leaving us feeling very vulnerable and hurt, would be returned.  This was another sign that our prayers are being answered.

These are Big Signs.  Sometimes the signs aren’t so big, but you have to be aware, you have to look for true meaning.  God is listening.  Let me give more thanks where thanks is due:  Dear God, Thank YOU for all that You do for me and my loved ones.  I know that it is because of You that I have continued success in my marriage and my life’s endeavors.  I will continue to spread your Word so that others may be blessed as well. Thank You for listening to each and every prayer.  Thank You for bringing us through adversity to be better people.  I pray that You keep moving us forward to our goals and that we continue to be good examples of how Faith and Love are blessings from You.  In Jesus’ name I praise and thank You, Amen!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving.  We’re all excited about our dinners tomorrow, making last minute preparations and traveling to destinations near and far. We’re reminded to give thanks for all of our blessings.  All of them.  That’s why I’m writing today.

I am thankful for all of my blessings. I’m thankful for everyone who has ever prayed for me and with me. I am thankful for the lessons I’m learning as my faith grows. Here’s my lesson learned today: There is a difference between blessing someone because you can and letting yourself be taken advantage of because someone sees your kindness as weakness.

Not everyone who preaches about God has it right.  After all, we’re all human, we make mistakes. (We all know I’ve made many, which is what has led me to right here, and I’ll make more, which leads me to later posts)  What I’ve come up against lately is me being preached to about the Word of God from someone who claims to be a Christian.  However, what I’ve learned is that this person takes advantage of people because of their Christian beliefs and kindness.  This has been a hard lesson for me; I want to believe that people are good at heart, just misdirected at times.

What I’ve learned is that I can be kind and generous with people in need, but I don’t have to be a pushover.  I have a backbone and I feel it strengthening. God wants us to help each other, but the intention is not to take advantage of people, their kindness and giving gestures.  It’s ok to say “No” when you’ve given everything you can and feel in your heart that the person asking so much of you isn’t doing it out of actual need, but out of greed.  There is a difference.  When you do a favor for someone out of the kindness of your heart and because you know it’s what Jesus wants you to do, you don’t expect anything in return.  You especially don’t expect to have the recipient speak ill words about you or your favor to other people in an attempt to gain more sympathy, and in turn, more gifts.

Be thankful today for ALL of your blessings, your lessons, and the ability to tell the difference between a giving soul, an honest soul, and one that is selfish and not pure of heart.  I pray that we all are protected by God against this kind of hurtfulness, that he blesses us with the ability to see the difference between a blessing and a burden, and lets us know that it’s ok to say “no” when your burden becomes too much.  It is not a lack in your faith, it is strength in knowing that God will provide in all cases.  In Jesus’ name I praise and thank Him, Amen!

When I first started working with one of my new favorite people she shared with me her favorite Bible verse, Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Since I’ve just started my daily Bible reading I wasn’t familiar with it yet, but it keeps popping up.  It encourages me that because I am seeking Him and His Word, that because I am sharing my epiphanies with you and those around me, I truly am blessed.

My prayers continue to be answered – ALL of them. I have been told to ask for big things, that it’s not selfish to ask God for things that I know only He can provide.  It shows Him that I have complete faith in His power, that I trust Him to do things that only the supernatural could do, that only He can provide answers for.

I am praying big prayers, and in return I will get big results. My faith in God is stronger everyday. As I ask for healing, I am healed.  I asked for my husband to be healed and he is healing (both faster than the normal body would allow). We have been provided for in our times of financial stress. We are being propelled forward into a newer, brighter future, and the only way possible is through our faith in God that gets stronger each and everyday.

What big things do you ask for? How have you seen God answer your prayers? It took me a long time to get here, to believe in God’s power and faith in me, but I have arrived. This is my time of favor. I believe if I share it, it will spread through you, to others too.  It may not happen today, but one day… in God’s time. God works for the good of those who love Him. Let that be the seed planted today.

Lord, thank You for all of my answered prayers, past and present.  I praise and thank you, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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