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About a week ago we harvested the broccoli out of our fall garden.  We had planted 125 seedlings in August and almost all of them produced tall, beautiful plants with rather large heads of broccoli.  When we collected them from the plants it filled a tall kitchen bag full.  We were so thankful for our blessings that we shared the veggies with our neighbors, family and my co-workers.  It felt really good to bless others with our beautiful crop.

Clay told me that with the weather turning colder that it was likely that the bag we gathered would be the last of the harvest for the season.  I was fine with that, especially considering the abundance we had.  We’ve enjoyed our meals and have had thanks from the people who received our blessings.  The feeling of having a successful garden is new to me, as I’m new to gardening pretty much altogether.  I’m the person who’s amazed that I can plant a seed and reap the benefits all the while getting pleasure out of watching everything grow and mature.

Just an hour ago Clay came in with an armful of broccoli freshly picked out of the garden.  Imagine my surprise since we were so sure our harvest was over!  This is just another example of how we are blessed by sharing our blessings…. and since I declared earlier today that today is a GREAT day, we have been given greatness in return.  Here’s the proof:


My lesson for today:  If you share your blessings and believe in the Power of God, He will bless you with a garden full of whatever it is that you need.  Keep planting your seeds of goodness, you’ll harvest your blessings long after you thought your season was over.

Thank YOU, Jesus, for all of our blessings, and especially today for our produce that provides dinner tonight and enough to share once more.  In thanks and praise, I pray! Amen!

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