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I pose this question because it keeps occurring to me and I can’t shake it: Why do YOU, personally, celebrate Christmas?

Is it because you always have, from childhood, and you’re carrying on with tradition?

Is it because you enjoy decorating for the season?

Is it because you can get great deals at all of the sales that are only available this time of year?

Is it because you have children and you want to give them a sense of normalcy?

Is it because you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Is it because you have the opportunity to get a few days off from work to relax and enjoy loved ones?

Is it because that’s what society deems “normal”?

The other thing that won’t leave my thoughts is this: If you aren’t a Christian, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, why would you celebrate the day of His birth?  It’s not a selfish question, like I don’t want to share the holiday with non-believers, it’s a true curiosity.  I invite you to please leave comments or feedback to answer some of these questions.  I’d really like to learn your “reason for the season”.

My reason for the season is to celebrate the fact that God gave us his only Son, Jesus Christ, over 2000 years ago, to save us from sin. What a gift! No material gifts under the tree can top that.

Of course, I do participate in gift-giving, I do decorate my house, I do plan family dinner, I look forward to having the week off to relax and enjoy my friends and family, and to have a moment to breathe and knit my fingers to the bone (because that’s what I do when I’m not typing).  However, even though I do all of these typical things during this Christmas holiday I keep in mind to ask for forgiveness, to give thanks for our Savior, and to attend church to give worship to Him with my fellow Christians.

I suppose the point of this whole blog entry is this: Christians have become the minority in this country, yet the celebration of Christmas seems to be at an all time high.

Today I pray that everyone has God come into their hearts so that we can all remember why we truly celebrate Christmas. I give thanks that we were given salvation through Jesus’ birth. I ask for forgiveness of all of my sins. I ask for widespread kindness and compassion in a country who has waged a not-so-silent war against religion. I pray that we all realize that “when you believe, you receive” not only applies to children and Santa, but it applies to us as Christians: When you believe in Him, you begin to receive His blessings.  For all of this and so much more, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

The Angel of the Lord atop our tree

The Angel atop our tree

My sweet Mia gave birth to 13 amazing little puppies early Saturday morning. 2 didn’t make it, but these 11 are troopers! My heart overflows with joy when I look at them and hear the cries for their mama. It’s going to be hard to give them new homes when the time comes.

The weekend proved to be challenging not only for Mia, but for myself as well. We were blessed with these little miracles. We were blessed with time to spend with much loved friends and their children. I was also blessed with the knowledge that not all people share in the joy I’ve found since I’ve been baptized and traded in my previous lifestyle for a life filled with religious epiphanies.

You might question why I call this a blessing. It’s because I see knowledge of any form as a blessing. I’ll be the first to admit that my life prior to October 23, 2011 was full of sin. I still sin, after all, I am human. I just try to be a good Christian now, whereas before I didn’t see myself as being held accountable to a higher power, to God. I’ve been called a hypocrite, crazy, a “whackadoo”, etc. for my recent sharing of my experiences. My blessing is knowing that no matter what people think or say, my faith is not wavering. My blessing is knowing that God’s opinion is really the only one that matters. After all, He’s who I need to answer to when my time comes to leave this world, not friends, not family, not strangers.

As a reader you have the choice to read my writings or to pass by them. I’ve invited opinions and offered comparisons of experiences so that we may learn from each other. I do not push my beliefs on anyone else. I simply publish what I think and feel because it’s my right, just like everyone else, to do so. When you feel like I’m pushing you in a Christian direction, perhaps you should ask yourself what the pushing is about… whether it’s me being “overboard” or whether it’s God calling you to step up your game. Either way, it’s your call, your decision to keep reading or to discard my words. After all, we all have a freedom of choice.

My choice is to honor God. My choice is to continue to give thanks publicly for all of my blessings, my family, my friends, and my new little puppies. My choice is to lead my life by what the Bible tells me to do, to live by God’s word, to try to be a better Christian every day of the rest of my life. I pray that God touches all who need him and forgives all of us to whom it applies for ever turning our backs on our faith. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

Christian Blog List.

I’m honored and grateful to have been added to this list.  Amazing blogger – enjoy!

As of late I’ve had lots of reasons to have panic attacks. I’m dealing with them through prayer and have found great comfort in giving my worries over to God. Human nature makes this easier said than done, but you know that already.  It’s so easy to let the words and actions of others hurt your feelings and take a toll on your mind.  Especially when someone attacks your character, judges you without knowing the true “you” that no one knows behind closed doors, but through prayer you can alleviate some of the stress that comes along with that.

Gossip, words of hatred, malicious emails and actions taken by your peers or family can devastate you.  Don’t let it.  These things are generated by their own insecurities.  “Out of guilty consciences come wicked tongues.”   Think about how many times you’ve said or done something that hurts someone else. When you sit back and look at the true reasoning  behind your actions, deep down something is bothering you on a different level, most likely subconsciously, causing you to lash out at the recipient of your anger.

What I’m asking of you today is to turn a deaf ear to the people who criticize you.  Turn your fears and insecurities over to God and he will reward your faith with the release of this stress that burdens you.  When you feel attacked, don’t hate the haters, pray instead that God touches them in a way that shows His power and fills their hearts with joy, that they may find their own path to Him and keep their tongues silent against you.


Today I pray for protection against myself and my family as I give to you my words.  I pray that those who find it necessary to criticize my new endeavor to share my walk with God…I pray that their hearts will turn and find understanding and acceptance so that they may grow closer to God themselves.  I pray for joy for each of us, happiness to fill our hearts and souls, and that we start this day knowing that today is destined for greatness – no one can keep you down when you have your faith in our most High God, Jesus Christ, Our Savior.  For these things and more, I pray for all of you reading and for myself.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Good morning, everyone!  Today is going to be an amazing day!  My body is healing, my spirit is strengthened, and I’m passing my blessing on to you through these words.  Thank you for reading them.

I have recently started my mornings reading excerpts from Joel Osteen’s latest book, “I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life”.  He always has such a positive message and we enjoy watching his sermons on Sundays before we go to church.  To be blessed with his prayers of guidance and praise has graced me with peace of mind in my difficult situation(s).

Today is my 16th day of reading (one for each day of the month).  Today I will show more than ever my faith in God, today new doors will open for me.  Today I will get good news on my finances, my health, and my faith will be strengthened.  You see, first you say it, then it happens.  It’s true.  You’ll hear me repeat that over and over because it’s SO true.  If you sit around feeling sorry for yourself, worrying about that which is beyond your control, the only result is more worry, more sorrow.  You believe that you’re unworthy of God’s greatness.  That’s not true.  That’s the devil playing in your head with your emotions.  Instead, stand up and strengthen your backbone, fill your heart with joy by saying out loud “I am going to have a great day!  I am happy!  I am healthy!  I am loved!  I am a child of God!”.  I promise you’ll see positive things happen in your day.  It could be anything from a smile from a stranger to a promotion at work – you never know what door God is going to open for you just for putting faith in his Power over your life.

Let this inspire you today:  it’s no mistake that you’ve read it… God brought you here to read it in the first place.  I dare say I don’t know you personally, but I do know you in God’s eyes.  We share many things in common and we can learn from each other.  Let today be the day you make changes that push you even farther to your destiny.  Be positive, smile and be gracious with those who don’t know you, love the people around you and let them know how much they’re appreciated.  God will bless you for your good deeds, and you will see greatness grace you.

Enjoy your day – I know I will because I’ve started it on the right foot.  Today is going to be GREAT!  Peace be with you, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

Some people who know me, who know of my past, know that I’ve not always made the best decisions for myself.  They might tell you that since I’ve turned my life over to God and have started to spread His word that I am a hypocrite.  You see, more than once in my life I turned my back on God, trying to convince myself that there is no God, no life before or after our life on earth, no heaven or hell.  More than once I was angered by Christians who tried to “bible thump” to me – I didn’t want to hear it then.  I thought that surely if there was a true God I wouldn’t be in the circumstances that plagued me.

I was wrong.  Go figure.

I loved to be the life of the party.  I wish I had all of the money I spent on alcohol and drugs.  I successfully numbed myself to escape what life was handing to me.  I turned to the wrong people looking for love.  I hurt my family, my friends, everyone who loved me.  I turned my back on them, and I turned my back on my faith.

I’m sharing this with you now so that you’ll understand that I have faults and I acknowledge them.  I’m not here to stand on a soap box and preach hell-fire and damnation.  I’m here to share with you the things I’ve witnessed first hand and tell you how I found my way back to Favor, back to God.

I’ve died 3 times, literally.  My colon ruptured, my heart stopped several times, my organs left me with little “inners” left.  I had cervical cancer and then developed severe cysts on my ovaries, so they’ve all been removed too.  Not to mention my gall bladder and last but not least, my tonsils.  My body has been through hell.  So has my mind and my heart.  I’ve been physically and mentally abused by people I had “relationships” with.  My face has been shattered more than once and I suffer from migraines now.  No wonder I tried to escape my problems drinking myself sick and using all kinds of legal and illegal drugs to cope with my problems.

What I’ve learned is that God didn’t turn his back on me. I turned my back on Him.  I needed someone to blame.  I was angry and hurt on many levels.  It was easy for me to believe that not only had God given up on me, but that He must not even exist, because surely this God I’d learned about growing up in the Catholic Church wouldn’t have let such horrific things happen to me.

Guess what?  I was wrong.

If I hadn’t gone through all of my trials and tribulations, I wouldn’t be sitting here now typing this to you.  I wouldn’t be blissfully happy with unconditional, reciprocated love from my husband.  I wouldn’t have the parents that love me like mine do, no matter how many times I’ve crushed their hopes and dreams.  You see, I had to go through these things to mature, to make me realize that God isn’t the cause of the problems I’ve faced.  He’s the Answer.

I’ve always had a 6th sense – premonitions through dreams, receiving signs that no one else can see, seeing Spirit with my plain old eyeballs.  The more I receive God’s messages, the more signs I get that I’m on the right path – the path God paved for me to travel.  Since I got baptized at our little white church in the country on October 23rd, 2011 I’ve had more prayers answered than I ever imagined.  I’m here to witness to you that God works behind the scenes, even when we think He’s deserted us, even when we desert Him.

I hope that my experiences will help you identify how you can change your life for the better.  I have learned to find inspiration in all things – my friends, family, reading, knitting, playing with Mia, etc. (This is Mia, my Angel)Image

 Where do you find your inspiration?  Can you acknowledge that if you open your heart and mind great things will happen?  If you can, God will bless you with more than you ever knew existed.  He has for me.  He has for my husband.  For that, I am thankful and I will continue to witness to you as the days pass and I am blessed more and more frequently, in abundance.

Enough of bad campaigning and lack of truth in advertising – the election is over – I elect to speak the truth here, to admit I was wrong, and to tell you how God can turn your life around… if you let Him.

May God bless you with comfort in knowing that He is on your side and that whatever adversity we face, we are facing to make us stronger in our faith.  In Jesus’ name I pray for all of us, Amen!

I make no secrets of the struggles I’ve had in my 38 years.  I speak frankly to those who will hear it.  I have had more health problems than most 80 year olds endure, but to look at me you’d never know it.  Stress is my major contributor.  I have an ileostomy (colostomy, but to a more severe degree) due to a battle with Ulcerative Colitis, and I’ve had it for going on 14 years now.  (I won’t mention my other surgeries yet, it will come in time as it applies to my message to you)

Recently I’ve had a change in employment, our finances have been strained to say the very least, we’ve been plagued by false accusations of all kinds, we’ve been robbed of our possessions… and now my body is taking the inevitable toll in the wrong direction.

In my despair my faith has been strengthened.  It would be very easy for me to turn around and say, “God, why have your turned your back on me?  Haven’t I turned my life around for you?”  But the truth is that God has provided a way to propel both myself and my husband to a greater destiny.  Through all of this adversity I have found blessing beyond belief.  Our families have united where we were once broken.  My father has been saved by open heart surgery.  My employer is understanding of my health issues and has given me time to recuperate.  My husband has been provided with work, just enough to keep a roof over our heads and food in the pantry.  Our garden is growing and we’re able to share with others.  My prayers are being answered.

Once again, I’m living proof that God works through me and in all of us.  For the first time I was able to inspire people around me to believe that better things are coming.  I’ve always said, and sternly to my friends, “First you say it, then it happens.”  Most of the time it was a warning… typically we would mention someone that we hadn’t seen in awhile and they would call within a day.  That’s just a minor example.  I’ve learned that we have to be careful with our words, both in written and spoken form.  Our words have power.  They can give us grace or condemn us to a life of misery.

My body is worn, but my Spirit is strong!  I am living proof that you can use your words to inspire and that in turn you will be blessed.  My body is tired, but I speak that I’m getting better each day.  This infection WILL NOT get the best of me.  I WILL heal and be stronger in my faith because of it.  I AM a child of God and one of my many purposes in life is to touch you and bless you… that’s why you’re reading this right now.  Remember, there are no coincidences, there’s only the road the God has paved for us.  Trust in Him and give your worries to Him.  It’s human nature to worry, to stress… but my lesson for today is that although my body might not feel like it, my soul knows that God has his hand on me and I am blessed for sharing my experiences with you.

I AM Blessed.  You are blessed.  Believe it and you’ll see major changes in your life in ways you never knew possible.  That’s a promise.

Have a blessed day!  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!Image

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