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Yes, I said it.  I got to clean my house.  Not slang, as in, “I’ve really got to clean my house because it’s filthy”.  I GOT to clean my house today.

See, I will be the first to admit that house chores are not on the top of my favorite things to do. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with a helpful husband who does more than his fair share.  However, today I have learned a lesson… so I’m sharing it with you.

I have a house to clean.  Not “I have to clean a house”.  I have a roof over my head.  It has electricity, running water, and all kinds of cleaning products to use.

I also have bronchitis.  I’ve been told by the doctors in the ER that I have to stay inside, in a warm room, and to drink plenty of fluids while taking the prescribed medicines they gave me yesterday morning.  Instead of sitting here sulking, I decided to turn it around.  I have time off from work due to the holiday week. I don’t have to worry about missing any work time since I’m off already, whew!  I have time to recuperate.  I have the house to myself today because my husband is out hunting so we can use the new meat grinder my parents gifted us for Christmas. (He’s only a little excited to make deer burgers and sausage)  I’ve taken the time inside, by myself, to do a little catching up on all things: emails, phone calls, laundry, dusting, and now I’m cooking Turkey Soup (boy the house smells great!).

I didn’t have to do any of these things.  I’ve been blessed with the ability to walk, see, move about freely… I have the tools necessary to do the things I’ve accomplished today, and moreover, my husband will be happy when he comes home to find that he has a clean house, clean clothes, and a warm meal waiting.

I’ve decided to change my perspective about a lot of things as of late.  I’ve changed how I view people’s criticism of me and my walk of faith.  I’ve changed how I let other people’s moods or actions affect my moods and actions.  I’ve changed how I look at the gift of each day, the sun shining, my dogs barking, my new puppies crying (and opening their eyes now, at a week and a half old), my dirty house that I get to clean, my old VW station wagon that is paid for and runs like a champ, the job I get to return to after this reprieve.  It’s all in how you look at things that can make or break you.

I have so many blessings that I can’t begin to count them.  They come in all forms: people, moments in time, experiences, gifts, breath… I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  Today I thank God for every blessing I have, that I “got” to clean my house, and that I “Get It”.  I hope you “get it” too.

Enjoy your day… I know I am.  In Jesus’ name I thank HIM, Amen!


Two little peanuts cuddling… and this is how I found them, not posed for cuteness

I say it to my favorite little ones: You have to give good to get good.  When you give goodness to people, a smile, a listening ear, a prayer… you get goodness in return.  It all comes back eventually, but think about it: when you smile at someone, most times they’ll smile back. My point with the little ones is geared more towards their behavior: when you give good, when you act good, you get good in return, you ARE good for your actions.

Simply put, give good – give thanks for today, give yourself a pep talk about the blessings in your life, smile at someone that’s having a bad day (or just a bad attitude in general). What can it hurt?  What you give is what you get… so give good, you’ll “get good”, especially in the eyes of God.

Have a blessed day – I am! 🙂  I pray for all of us today that we all can keep in mind that everyone deserves a little kindness, and for it to spread like wildfire. Amen!


I typed this above entry at 6:30 this morning.  Here’s my testimony of proof that when you spread goodness, it comes back.

By 7:00 my husband was the winner of 2 tickets to see Marty Stewart in concert tomorrow night, won a coffee mug and was entered to win a grand prize of some kind of hunting gear.  By 7:30 I won the same radio contest, winning 2 more tickets to the concert and I was entered to win a grand prize drawing of a diamond ring and gift certificates from local stores.  I gave the tickets back so someone else could win, but asked to be kept in the grand prize drawing.

By 8:30 I was blessed 3-fold in a monetary gift (I gave $20 to a friend in need a few weeks ago – it came back to me today from another friend, but was multiplied to $60).  At first I refused to take the money – the friend was offering it to me because I’ve missed so much work lately and she wanted to help.  When I asked her not to give it to me she told me that her mother always told her that when you bless someone else it comes back to you, and that I wasn’t to take away her blessing.  I understood and I respected her request to help me.  I continue to give many thanks for her and her kindness, and I’ve asked God to bless her in return.  Because of her gift I was able to buy my family’s Thanksgiving turkey and tuck away a bit.  (I am so thankful!!)

It didn’t end there.  Unexpectedly I was given a “new” desk today (it’s not brand new, but it’s new to me).  I had no idea it was coming and it gives me more room to accommodate my work needs.  I was also blessed at work by a loving parent that thanked me for always being a happy face when she comes and goes, and she gave me a heartfelt hug.

I passed that hug along to a work-family member that needed a little extra support… I didn’t know why at the time, but she just looked like she didn’t feel good and needed a hug.  I also gave her the scarf I knitted to keep her neck warm while she was getting her class off of the bus.  It matched her blouse perfectly today and she looked beautiful with it. It turns out she lost her mother a year ago and it really hit her hard this morning.  She told me this afternoon that my hug really touched her. You see, her mother was a hugger too, and I prayed softly in her ear when I hugged her this morning that Jesus would be with her today and lift whatever was hurting her.  She kept the scarf on all day and wore it home… and I was happy that I made her day better.

I could go on, but you get it… at least I hope you do.  This is solid proof that when you GIVE GOOD you really do GET GOOD.  Pass the Word.  I am, and I am blessed for it.  Thank you, God, for ALL of my blessings, physical and spiritual, and please bless each reader of my words.  In Jesus’ name I pray in thanks, AMEN!!! 😀

Plant a seed – you never know how big it will grow

This morning I woke up, said my thanks for my day, and prayed really hard that God would lift the anxiety that was punching me right in the stomach.  I’ve been away from work for over a week thanks to a slight case of pneumonia and an infection with my ileostomy.  I was nervous about going back today, and I almost blogged about it this morning, but I got the message to wait.  I wasn’t sure why, but I listened… and I’m so glad I did.

When I arrived at work this morning I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card from all of the people I work with waiting for me on my desk. It was my first sign that I had, in fact, been missed. Then my fellow coworkers started filing in, one by one, and almost all of them greeted me with a heart-felt hug telling me they had missed me. What they didn’t know is how much I had missed them. My anxiety melted right away, and when people asked me how I was feeling all I could reply was “Great!”… because I DID feel great!

God answered my prayers, as always, by putting me right at my desk, ready to receive the love that was given to me. Not only was I given love from the people I already work with and the children I missed so much, but I was graced with the presence of someone I instantly recognized as being a Child of God.

Patricia and I got to talk a bit, she shared with me about the obstacles she’s faced in her life and how dedicated she is to her Savior, Jesus. We shared a love of Joel Osteen and we both start our days with saying “Thank You”. She was my blessing today. She made my heart smile. She made a difference. Even though we had just met, we hugged before she left today and she gave me her phone number.  God has blessed me with a new friend.

If I had let my anxiety get the best of me this morning, if I had let my health issues continue to be a problem, if I hadn’t prayed as hard as I did, I would have missed out on a whole lot of wonderful blessings in my day. I am so thankful that God has put me right where I’m supposed to be, and I have a new appreciation for answered prayers. It never ceases to amaze me how God works through me and for me.  Each day contains an epiphany.

Whatever you’re going through, as difficult as it may seem, know that your cross isn’t too heavy to bear. God has put you right where you’re supposed to be – we may not know His reasoning at the moment, but His path will be revealed in His time.  I am more thankful than ever to have been given the gift of today, for loving friends, my work family, my home family, and my God!  In Jesus’ name, I praise Him, Amen!

Part of my work family (my angels) and me

Anyone who knows me personally has heard me say over the years, “First you say it, then it happens”. I’ve even mentioned it in previous blog entries and warned you that I’d talk about it again. This morning the message I received while saying my morning prayers was to tell you more about this steadfast belief of mine.

I know you’ve all experienced it in one way or another. You’ll mention a friend you haven’t heard from in awhile, then you’ll get a message or call from them within days. You’ll voice a fear about your health, job, friends or family, any situation that plagues you… after all, it’s normal to discuss our fears with those who will listen. Most of the time whatever you’re voicing your fear about comes to fruition. If you’re fearing illness, the illness increases. If you fear debt, your debt increases. You may fear losing a loved one, and that person grows farther from you straining your relationship.  You see, first you say it, then it happens.

When it finally occurred to me that this was happening I quickly learned that if you acknowledge the bad things you’re talking about it seems to cancel it out.  I’d tell my friends, “Quick, say it! It’s not going to happen because we’re talking about it!”  I didn’t know at the time why that worked, but it did, and more friends than I can begin to tell you would join me in the recognition of these derogatory statements and are now quick to “cancel them out”.  I must note, that not all of my friends share my faith in God, but we all were shown that this theory was actually true, and on more than one occasion.

After turning my life around, learning more about the miracles that God works in my life, I learned that our words have so much power over our lives. Our words set into motion whatever it is we’re speaking of, positive or negative. If you don’t learn anything else from my writings, please take heed this: First you say it, then it happens (disclaimer: unless you acknowledge the fact that you’re talking about it, then it cancels it out) – it’s my first rule of thumb, so to speak.

I’ve learned that I have to use my words to speak promise and favor into my life. I’ve learned that every time I speak negatively I only draw negative to myself.  I’ve learned that what we speak, we believe.  Repetition becomes habit. Let positive speaking become your new habit. You’ll reap great rewards from it because God will see your faith in His power to make change in your life. Not only will You hear your words, God will hear your words, positive or negative, and make the ball roll faster than you intended because we live in His time, not ours.  God wants you to achieve greatness, who He created you to be, to reach your full potential; your words have the power to make anything (ANYTHING!!) happen.

Have faith in your words.  Speak frankly and positively about your life and your needs. For myself, I speak that I will heal more everyday. I lead a happy life by choice. I am blessed. You see, when you speak that you are blessed, God blesses you.  It may seem a little “out there”, but try it… what can it hurt?  Just remember to be careful with your words; they have the power to grace you or condemn you, but it’s your choice.

Today I pray that all of us will choose our words wisely. I pray that you will see the power God has to put your prayers, your words into motion. I pray that you will have a positive, happy experience that will give you strength in your faith, not only today, but for all of the days to come.  Make the best out of today, be positive, be happy. It’s your choice.  For all of these things, and in thanks, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!

I said out loud I'd find a great dog - Look what happened! Thank you, Jesus!

I said out loud, more than once, that I’d find the dog that needed me as much as I needed her; that she would always be at my feet for comfort and protection. God blessed me with Mia, and I couldn’t possibly love an animal any more than I love her, and I know the feeling is mutual. Just another small example: First you say it, Then it happens! Thank you, Jesus!

Thankful.  Thank Full.  Hmm.  Yes, I’m Thank Full this morning.  As Thanksgiving approaches we’re reminded of the meals we look forward to preparing, time to share with our loved ones, the Christmas sales that are taking over the TV ads to be just as annoying as the campaign ads that just ended.

I’ve watched the announcements of major retail chains starting their sales on Thanksgiving night so people can get a head start on their shopping.  Honestly, I don’t see where that will help our economy; people are going to spend the same amount of money whether they do it Thanksgiving night or the next morning.  Quite frankly, you won’t catch me near these sales or stores, I prefer not to get trampled or subject myself to such greedy people. When I see the mad rush of people grabbing electronics, piles of clothes, things that aren’t completely necessary to life, all I can see is greed… grab all you can before anyone else can.  But do you NEED these things?  (I’m trying to understand it better, so if you can shed some light, feel free to comment)

I think we lose the true value of these holidays. I’m not thankful for the sales because material things can be taken from us just as easily as they’re acquired. I am thankful for the opportunity to enjoy a meal with my parents, my husband, and hopefully some additional loved ones. I am thankful to have the food to prepare and share. I am thankful for the roof over my head and the heat that keeps us warm. I am thankful that I am loved.

During the upcoming weeks, please stop to be full of thanks (Thank FULL) for the everyday things we’re blessed with. Be thankful for the smile you give someone else that brightens their day. Be thankful for the bed you sleep in. Be thankful for the small things, the works of God, the blessings in your life, whatever form they come in.  I am also thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to type this to you and that you’ve read it. See, I’ve already prayed for you today, that you’d read this, that it would have a positive impact on you and that I’ll reach even more people today with these prayers of blessing and thanks.

Take time today to be full of thanks for the blessing of life, for another day to strengthen your faith in the miracles God gives us, for time to prepare for the amazing works in the holiday season approaching. Be thankful not only at Thanksgiving, but everyday, and you will be given favor in the eyes of God. Giving prayers of thanks shows God that your faith in Him is strong and He will continue to give you reasons to give thanks.


May peace be with you as you go about your day, knowing I’ve said a prayer of thanks for YOU (yes, you)! In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN!

Christian Blog List.

I’m honored and grateful to have been added to this list.  Amazing blogger – enjoy!

As of late I’ve had lots of reasons to have panic attacks. I’m dealing with them through prayer and have found great comfort in giving my worries over to God. Human nature makes this easier said than done, but you know that already.  It’s so easy to let the words and actions of others hurt your feelings and take a toll on your mind.  Especially when someone attacks your character, judges you without knowing the true “you” that no one knows behind closed doors, but through prayer you can alleviate some of the stress that comes along with that.

Gossip, words of hatred, malicious emails and actions taken by your peers or family can devastate you.  Don’t let it.  These things are generated by their own insecurities.  “Out of guilty consciences come wicked tongues.”   Think about how many times you’ve said or done something that hurts someone else. When you sit back and look at the true reasoning  behind your actions, deep down something is bothering you on a different level, most likely subconsciously, causing you to lash out at the recipient of your anger.

What I’m asking of you today is to turn a deaf ear to the people who criticize you.  Turn your fears and insecurities over to God and he will reward your faith with the release of this stress that burdens you.  When you feel attacked, don’t hate the haters, pray instead that God touches them in a way that shows His power and fills their hearts with joy, that they may find their own path to Him and keep their tongues silent against you.


Today I pray for protection against myself and my family as I give to you my words.  I pray that those who find it necessary to criticize my new endeavor to share my walk with God…I pray that their hearts will turn and find understanding and acceptance so that they may grow closer to God themselves.  I pray for joy for each of us, happiness to fill our hearts and souls, and that we start this day knowing that today is destined for greatness – no one can keep you down when you have your faith in our most High God, Jesus Christ, Our Savior.  For these things and more, I pray for all of you reading and for myself.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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