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Today was Women’s Day at church. I was asked to give the sermon because my pastor reads my blog and thought I would deliver a good message. I had made notes in preparation, but found when I was at the podium the words that came weren’t mine at all.

I prayed this morning that God would give His message though me and that the congregation would receive it willingly. My intent was to talk about how to hear God when he speaks to us. So often we let everyday trials clutter our minds and hearts to the point that we can’t let our ears hear. We have the ability to hear God in ways other than using our ears. When we can quiet ourselves for just a few minutes, God’s message can be heard loud and clear, even if it’s a quiet as a whisper.

We are always on the search for meaning in life, answers to questions that seem impossible to answer. Ask God. Be willing to listen to what he has to say in return. You might not get the answer immediately, and a lot of the time it’s not the answer you may want to hear. But if you put all of your faith and trust in the Lord, knowing that he has paved this life path for you, knowing that he always hears your concerns and needs, it pleases Him and he will answer…in His time.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Expect that when you pray, God will hear you. Ask for miracles. Show him that you have faith in His almighty power to work miracles in your life and he will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

Lord, thank you for speaking through me today to my church family. I pray that each of us grows stronger in our faith and that you will give us mercy and bless us with joy. I pray that you will work miracles for our loved ones who are suffering from physical pain as well as spiritual, and bring us closer together in You. In Jesus’ name I praise and thank you, amen!


My sweet Mia gave birth to 13 amazing little puppies early Saturday morning. 2 didn’t make it, but these 11 are troopers! My heart overflows with joy when I look at them and hear the cries for their mama. It’s going to be hard to give them new homes when the time comes.

The weekend proved to be challenging not only for Mia, but for myself as well. We were blessed with these little miracles. We were blessed with time to spend with much loved friends and their children. I was also blessed with the knowledge that not all people share in the joy I’ve found since I’ve been baptized and traded in my previous lifestyle for a life filled with religious epiphanies.

You might question why I call this a blessing. It’s because I see knowledge of any form as a blessing. I’ll be the first to admit that my life prior to October 23, 2011 was full of sin. I still sin, after all, I am human. I just try to be a good Christian now, whereas before I didn’t see myself as being held accountable to a higher power, to God. I’ve been called a hypocrite, crazy, a “whackadoo”, etc. for my recent sharing of my experiences. My blessing is knowing that no matter what people think or say, my faith is not wavering. My blessing is knowing that God’s opinion is really the only one that matters. After all, He’s who I need to answer to when my time comes to leave this world, not friends, not family, not strangers.

As a reader you have the choice to read my writings or to pass by them. I’ve invited opinions and offered comparisons of experiences so that we may learn from each other. I do not push my beliefs on anyone else. I simply publish what I think and feel because it’s my right, just like everyone else, to do so. When you feel like I’m pushing you in a Christian direction, perhaps you should ask yourself what the pushing is about… whether it’s me being “overboard” or whether it’s God calling you to step up your game. Either way, it’s your call, your decision to keep reading or to discard my words. After all, we all have a freedom of choice.

My choice is to honor God. My choice is to continue to give thanks publicly for all of my blessings, my family, my friends, and my new little puppies. My choice is to lead my life by what the Bible tells me to do, to live by God’s word, to try to be a better Christian every day of the rest of my life. I pray that God touches all who need him and forgives all of us to whom it applies for ever turning our backs on our faith. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

Those that are close to us know that we’ve been through some very trying times in the past few months. Today was the day we’ve been waiting for, praying every day that things would go our way.  We’ve asked for prayer from our friends, family, church family, coworkers, anyone who we know are deeply rooted in their faith.  We’ve prayed that the person who pressed charges against my husband, falsely accusing him, would have God come into his heart.  We’ve prayed that justice would be served and that Clay would be cleared of these false charges.  We’ve prayed that we wouldn’t have to worry anymore that we would be robbed in the middle of the night by this man or any of his accomplices.

Our prayers were answered today.  All of them.  We waited patiently as the judge called each case and heard their testimony, gave her ruling, and moved on to the next dramatic incident.  We heard lies, we heard pleading, we heard truth.  I noticed that the judge was wearing a small cross on the outside of her robe.  I knew that God was in that courtroom and that His hand was on us, just like we’d prayed for.  Finally, they brought out the man dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit, the one who robbed us of our sleep, our possessions, our sanity, and our security.  But he didn’t rob us of our faith.  If anything, this whole ordeal has made our faith stronger.  I never thought I’d say it, but I’m thankful that because of this experience we are better Christians.  God promises that He will bring us through the difficult times not only answering our prayers, but propelling us to a better destiny for keeping our faith in Him.

This man is facing 10 felonies as it stood today.  Tonight I pray that God comes into his heart, into the heart of his girlfriend, and anyone else that was involved with his crimes.  I pray that they get to know God as we have and can begin to trust in Him to turn their lives around.

Tonight I give thanks for a loving, honest, amazing husband.  I give thanks for his freedom, cleared name, and renewed happiness.  I give thanks that tonight we can relax and sleep well knowing that God is ever present in our lives and that our prayers and the prayers of those who care for us have been answered.  I praise and thank Him!  Thank You, Jesus, not only for dying for our sins, but for hearing each and every prayer, bringing us through adversity praying stronger prayers with stronger faith in You and Your Power in our lives.  For all of our blessings and so, so much more… I praise and thank you, In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

I haven’t written this week. I’ve been sulking and mourning the loss of my friend and coworker. My days of sorrow have now ended, much thanks to the beautiful “homecoming ceremony” I attended yesterday for Tammy.  We were reminded by her Pastor of Tammy’s infectious smile and told that each smile we receive or give is a blessing from God.  It brings happiness to both the giver and the recipient. Tammy had one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen and that’s exactly how I’ll remember her.

I was blessed to know Tammy for a few minutes in this lifetime.  I’ve become more aware this week of the other friendships I’ve been blessed with since I started my job in September.  God truly does put the right people in your life right when you need them.  The women I work with are all very strong in their faith, which helps me stay strong in my own faith when I have difficult days.  I have been blessed with friendships based on the love of God, a shared faith that He will provide exactly what we need when we need it, and a respect for the blessing of discernment.

My family has expanded since I married my husband last year.  I have been blessed with new cousins on his side of the family, one in particular.  We share the same name (I like to call us “Team Lisa”) and we share the same belief in the Power of God in our lives.  We are blessed to share the same church family as well as our married family.  We even got hired with the same company at the same time.  God has shown me on more than one occasion that He put Lisa in my life for a reason.  We support each other and love each other, not because we have to due to church, work, or familial obligations, but because it’s just natural.  I know that God put us together, just like He put my husband and me together, at just the right time. He made my family bigger and stronger, through our faith in Him.

"Team Lisa" - my friend, family and blessing

“Team Lisa” – my friend, family and blessing

Today I am thankful for my friendships, each and every one of them.  I have many; I am blessed in that way.  I am thankful for God giving me discernment so I will know a true Christian from a false witness.  I am thankful for the blessing that is God’s love through friendship and family.

If you have someone in your life that has touched your heart in a way that you know could only happen through God, let them know how much you appreciate them.  We aren’t promised a tomorrow, but we’re blessed with today.  Take a minute today to thank the people in your life for their love and kindness, give them a smile… a blessing in turn for being a blessing to you.

I pray today that we all have a minute to acknowledge the love and favor God has blessed us with. I pray for my friends and family that we all can appreciate each other and give credit where credit is due: to God. I pray that He keeps us all in his grace and favor and that He strengthens our bonds, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

I learned this morning that one of the angels I have been blessed with has gone to be at the hand of Our Father.  When I was watching Joel Osteen this morning before church she came to my mind strongly, and I recalled a recent conversation we had about a mutual loved one. That person called me with the news minutes later that Ms. Tammy had passed during the night.

My day started full of sorrow, not because I hurt for Tammy, but because we lost such a wonderful example of God’s love here on earth.  I know that she’s looking down on me and being an angel over me, in a much better place than we are.  She was a very holy woman and I was blessed to have her with me for the few minutes in this life that we knew each other.  We spoke boldly about our blessings and how Satan works to try to dissuade us through many forms, even our loved ones.

My message received at church today was that I have to ask for forgiveness and to extend forgiveness myself.  We are not guaranteed a tomorrow.  We need to verbalize to people how we feel, apologize for any wrong-doings, and forgive the transgressions against us by others, family, friends, whoever.  It’s not our place to judge anyone.  It is our place to forgive so that when it is our time to go home, we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without regret or sin tainting our souls.

When we got home this afternoon I turned to the book, “God’s Promises For Your Every Need” that our Pastor gifted to us.  We’ve been studying it each day, and I’ve found that it’s given both my husband and myself great comfort in several personal situations.  Today I was seeking answers about what to do when you feel deserted by a loved one.  This was the message I received:

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

I was asked by God to forgive today. I have forgiven. I asked for forgiveness myself because that’s what God asked me to do.  I know that regardless of what happens next I did exactly what I was asked to do and that God will not forsake me.  I know that as long as I always do as Jesus would do, I cannot go wrong.  We’re not always going to agree with everyone, but we can agree to disagree, forgive and move on.  Don’t harbor ill feelings; it only hurts you and God will lift your heart right when you need him to.  He did it again for me today.

I will miss my friend, Ms. Tammy. Because of her I have been blessed even more in the eyes of God. I am forever grateful for her kindness and for her words that encouraged me to keep on my walk of faith, to not be deterred by those who will try to tear me down to fulfill their own selfish desires.

For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

Matthew 6:14

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you forgive me of my sinful thoughts and actions.  I ask that you welcome Ms. Tammy into your Kingdom with open arms and that you use her memory as an example for all of us to follow. I ask that you keep joy in the hearts of the people who seek ill will towards me and my family. Please forgive me, forgive them, and let us all live in peace and harmony during this Christmas season.  In Jesus’ name, I praise and thank You, Amen!

When I was younger, in my childhood, I had a recurring nightmare.  It would leave me physically and emotionally wrenched.  I still remember it clearly. So does my mother, since she would have to calm me when I would wake up from it shaking and scared, sometimes still hearing the dream even though my eyes were open.

In it, I was in the corner of a dimly lit room, very small compared to a heavy force I couldn’t describe to my mom when she asked what it was. I could barely see it was so dark. There was screaming all around me, like people were suffering, and I was scared beyond belief. I could hear a voice whispering quietly nearby, “It’s going to be okay.  It’s going to be okay.”  This would repeat until I’d wake up, feeling scared and suffocated.

I had this dream/nightmare repeatedly through my childhood into my teen years, and then it stopped.  I described it in detail to my mother every time it happened, so she was very familiar with it.

When I was about to turn 25 I got very sick with Ulcerative Colitis.  Two days before Christmas we had a snow storm and lost power. At 4:00am I was in my mom’s bathroom, a candle lit for light, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs from the pain I was in (my guts were in the process of rupturing).  All of a sudden, out of desperation, my mom started whispering, “It’s going to be okay.  It’s going to be okay.”  I stopped screaming.  It was dimly lit, and I was the person in my dream that was in pain.  I recognized it as soon as it happened, said to my mom “Do you remember that dream?” (I didn’t need to tell her which one, she knew what I was talking about without question)  I told her if she didn’t get me to a hospital right then that I was going to die.  She knew.  We both did.  Thanks to that recurring dream. I spent the next two months in the hospital recovering from the surgery that saved my life, leaving me with a permanent colostomy and at age 25, not a whole lot of hope.

That dream was only one of several I’ve had that have come to fruition.  As of late, I’ve been having the most awful nightmares.  I had one again last night and was unable to sleep after that.  I can’t help but wonder if because my faith is stronger now and I’m more vocal about it, spreading His word here and sharing with the people around me, if it has deterred the evil that lurks about me so it has to come to me in dream form, or if possibly God is warning me again about how to protect myself.  Either way, it’s an awful feeling.

Some people call it de’ja vu.  What do you call it?  Have you had similar experiences?  I want to know if other people receive messages though dreams, and whether it’s clear or you have to search for the meaning deeper.  Most of my dreams have been pretty accurate, like the one i described already.

Since my dreams haven’t been so pleasant lately, and I know that you have to project what you want to surround yourself with, let me declare this right now: I will not cave to any of Satan’s wishes, in dream form or physical.  I am a Child of God, the most High, Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  I am strong and faithful, a good and kind person, and no evil will defeat me!  In Jesus’ name I praise and thank Him, Amen!

I awoke this morning knowing it was going to be a great day.  It is. The sun is shining, my dogs are playing, my husband is hunting for his 6th straight Thanksgiving Day deer, and I have food cooking in the kitchen as I’m typing.  I even got to go pluck the biggest head of cabbage out of our garden to fix for my family, and I’m delivering dinner to family members this afternoon.  I am blessed beyond words, beyond anything I could say here.

I am thankful everyday.  I am especially thankful today, the day that we give thanks for all of our blessings and honor the bond between the natives and those who took over their land. I am grateful to have a piece of land to grow our food on. I am thankful that my husband and I both have the ability to hunt for our meat, and that he’s wildly talented at it. (After all, he is part Native American) I am thankful for so many things… the roof over our heads, the food in reserves, the family we share it with, the friends we love so much, the blessings that aren’t only conveniences but essential to everyday life here… running water, electricity, soap. (yes, soap!)

We take a lot for granted everyday, thanking God for only what we’ve prayed for and gotten answers. Today I am thankful for ALL things, big and small.  I’m even thankful for the little mouse in my kitchen that scared me last night as I was baking sweet potato pies. He provided much laughter thanks to my reaction when I found him seeking heat under my oven!

I am thankful for forgiveness. I am thankful for love. I am thankful for kindness. I am thankful for laughter. I am thankful for compassion. I am thankful for strength. I am thankful for my husband, my gift from God. I am thankful for Jesus. I am thankful I am a Child of God. I am thankful for His love and grace. I am thankful to share my blessings with you. I am thankful that you took the time to read this.

Share your blessings, don’t count them, just share them. I pray that we all have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day, safe travels, and merriment wherever we are! In Jesus’ name I praise and THANK HIM, Amen!

Just one of my blessings that makes my heart sing, my niece, Vivian

It’s the day before Thanksgiving.  We’re all excited about our dinners tomorrow, making last minute preparations and traveling to destinations near and far. We’re reminded to give thanks for all of our blessings.  All of them.  That’s why I’m writing today.

I am thankful for all of my blessings. I’m thankful for everyone who has ever prayed for me and with me. I am thankful for the lessons I’m learning as my faith grows. Here’s my lesson learned today: There is a difference between blessing someone because you can and letting yourself be taken advantage of because someone sees your kindness as weakness.

Not everyone who preaches about God has it right.  After all, we’re all human, we make mistakes. (We all know I’ve made many, which is what has led me to right here, and I’ll make more, which leads me to later posts)  What I’ve come up against lately is me being preached to about the Word of God from someone who claims to be a Christian.  However, what I’ve learned is that this person takes advantage of people because of their Christian beliefs and kindness.  This has been a hard lesson for me; I want to believe that people are good at heart, just misdirected at times.

What I’ve learned is that I can be kind and generous with people in need, but I don’t have to be a pushover.  I have a backbone and I feel it strengthening. God wants us to help each other, but the intention is not to take advantage of people, their kindness and giving gestures.  It’s ok to say “No” when you’ve given everything you can and feel in your heart that the person asking so much of you isn’t doing it out of actual need, but out of greed.  There is a difference.  When you do a favor for someone out of the kindness of your heart and because you know it’s what Jesus wants you to do, you don’t expect anything in return.  You especially don’t expect to have the recipient speak ill words about you or your favor to other people in an attempt to gain more sympathy, and in turn, more gifts.

Be thankful today for ALL of your blessings, your lessons, and the ability to tell the difference between a giving soul, an honest soul, and one that is selfish and not pure of heart.  I pray that we all are protected by God against this kind of hurtfulness, that he blesses us with the ability to see the difference between a blessing and a burden, and lets us know that it’s ok to say “no” when your burden becomes too much.  It is not a lack in your faith, it is strength in knowing that God will provide in all cases.  In Jesus’ name I praise and thank Him, Amen!

I say it to my favorite little ones: You have to give good to get good.  When you give goodness to people, a smile, a listening ear, a prayer… you get goodness in return.  It all comes back eventually, but think about it: when you smile at someone, most times they’ll smile back. My point with the little ones is geared more towards their behavior: when you give good, when you act good, you get good in return, you ARE good for your actions.

Simply put, give good – give thanks for today, give yourself a pep talk about the blessings in your life, smile at someone that’s having a bad day (or just a bad attitude in general). What can it hurt?  What you give is what you get… so give good, you’ll “get good”, especially in the eyes of God.

Have a blessed day – I am! 🙂  I pray for all of us today that we all can keep in mind that everyone deserves a little kindness, and for it to spread like wildfire. Amen!


I typed this above entry at 6:30 this morning.  Here’s my testimony of proof that when you spread goodness, it comes back.

By 7:00 my husband was the winner of 2 tickets to see Marty Stewart in concert tomorrow night, won a coffee mug and was entered to win a grand prize of some kind of hunting gear.  By 7:30 I won the same radio contest, winning 2 more tickets to the concert and I was entered to win a grand prize drawing of a diamond ring and gift certificates from local stores.  I gave the tickets back so someone else could win, but asked to be kept in the grand prize drawing.

By 8:30 I was blessed 3-fold in a monetary gift (I gave $20 to a friend in need a few weeks ago – it came back to me today from another friend, but was multiplied to $60).  At first I refused to take the money – the friend was offering it to me because I’ve missed so much work lately and she wanted to help.  When I asked her not to give it to me she told me that her mother always told her that when you bless someone else it comes back to you, and that I wasn’t to take away her blessing.  I understood and I respected her request to help me.  I continue to give many thanks for her and her kindness, and I’ve asked God to bless her in return.  Because of her gift I was able to buy my family’s Thanksgiving turkey and tuck away a bit.  (I am so thankful!!)

It didn’t end there.  Unexpectedly I was given a “new” desk today (it’s not brand new, but it’s new to me).  I had no idea it was coming and it gives me more room to accommodate my work needs.  I was also blessed at work by a loving parent that thanked me for always being a happy face when she comes and goes, and she gave me a heartfelt hug.

I passed that hug along to a work-family member that needed a little extra support… I didn’t know why at the time, but she just looked like she didn’t feel good and needed a hug.  I also gave her the scarf I knitted to keep her neck warm while she was getting her class off of the bus.  It matched her blouse perfectly today and she looked beautiful with it. It turns out she lost her mother a year ago and it really hit her hard this morning.  She told me this afternoon that my hug really touched her. You see, her mother was a hugger too, and I prayed softly in her ear when I hugged her this morning that Jesus would be with her today and lift whatever was hurting her.  She kept the scarf on all day and wore it home… and I was happy that I made her day better.

I could go on, but you get it… at least I hope you do.  This is solid proof that when you GIVE GOOD you really do GET GOOD.  Pass the Word.  I am, and I am blessed for it.  Thank you, God, for ALL of my blessings, physical and spiritual, and please bless each reader of my words.  In Jesus’ name I pray in thanks, AMEN!!! 😀

Plant a seed – you never know how big it will grow

Late last night I was awake after having been asleep for a few hours.  I decided to do a little light reading to coax me back to sleep. I read a few Bible verses, then checked my email and saw that there was a new blog post from someone I’ve recently started following (and I thoroughly enjoy their posts).

When I read that she had encountered something out of the ordinary, something she interpreted as being evil, Satan in her words, and she questioned whether or not anyone else had similar enounters. Within minutes I heard a booming sound, much like that of a canon or somone banging on heavy metal (like air conditioning venting). It was so loud it shook my house. It happened 6 times before I woke my husband to see what was going on outside. As he was checking our house and yard I said a prayer for God to protect us.

As soon as the prayer was out of my lips I saw a dark movement out of the corner of my house, outside my living room window (the center of my house). It moved quickly, and it was a shadow – I’ve seen it before and so has one of my dearest friends, we’ve seen it together – we know what it is.  It’s pure evil.  I prayed again for protection.  It didn’t come back. The banging stopped.  The house didn’t shake again.  I laid awake for another hour (sweet hubby said it must have been the wind and fell back to sleep), read more of my bible and finally relaxed enough to return to sleep myself.

I know what I saw.  I know what I felt.  I know that the Spirit the other blogger encountered was demonic. I know that because of the fear I felt for her,  it left me vulnerable to evil Spirit and it tried to come intimidate me.  If you haven’t seen Spirit or felt it, you can still recognize it.  It’s that ugly pit in your stomach that tells you that something just isn’t quite right.  Your gut feeling is usually right.

You may think I’m insane.  You can call me crazy.  I don’t care.  I know what I saw, I know what I felt, I know that God wants me to warn you that when you feel an evil presence, protect yourself with prayer.  It worked for the other blogger.  It worked for me.  God IS watching over us, we just have to keep our faith in Him and He will protect us from evil.

I hereby declare that I will NOT surrender to evil of any form, spirit, words, etc.  I am a Child of God and will remain faithful to my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I pray for protection for all that are affected by Satan and his workers.  Listen to your gut. Listen to your God.  In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

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