Inspiration, the Love of God, and Life's Lessons

An ordinary person made EXTRA-ordinary through God, my calling is to share with you everyday life lessons, how God works through me, and to share my blessings with you, my readers, one person at a time.  I am in my late 30’s, happily blessed with a wonderful husband and two amazing pups (one of which is a gentle giant, a Pit Bull, who has stolen my heart… her name is Mia, my angel). I have made a lifetime of “lessons” (some would call them “mistakes”) that have led me here, to speak to you.  I ask that you open your heart and mind to receive the Word, learn a little about how God can work miracles, and maybe pick up a good recipe or knitting pattern just for a bonus.  Keep in mind that we are all works in progress… no one is perfect, but in God’s eyes we can be.  May God bless you and keep you, in Jesus’ name I pray for each of you! Amen!

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