Late last night I was awake after having been asleep for a few hours.  I decided to do a little light reading to coax me back to sleep. I read a few Bible verses, then checked my email and saw that there was a new blog post from someone I’ve recently started following (and I thoroughly enjoy their posts).

When I read that she had encountered something out of the ordinary, something she interpreted as being evil, Satan in her words, and she questioned whether or not anyone else had similar enounters. Within minutes I heard a booming sound, much like that of a canon or somone banging on heavy metal (like air conditioning venting). It was so loud it shook my house. It happened 6 times before I woke my husband to see what was going on outside. As he was checking our house and yard I said a prayer for God to protect us.

As soon as the prayer was out of my lips I saw a dark movement out of the corner of my house, outside my living room window (the center of my house). It moved quickly, and it was a shadow – I’ve seen it before and so has one of my dearest friends, we’ve seen it together – we know what it is.  It’s pure evil.  I prayed again for protection.  It didn’t come back. The banging stopped.  The house didn’t shake again.  I laid awake for another hour (sweet hubby said it must have been the wind and fell back to sleep), read more of my bible and finally relaxed enough to return to sleep myself.

I know what I saw.  I know what I felt.  I know that the Spirit the other blogger encountered was demonic. I know that because of the fear I felt for her,  it left me vulnerable to evil Spirit and it tried to come intimidate me.  If you haven’t seen Spirit or felt it, you can still recognize it.  It’s that ugly pit in your stomach that tells you that something just isn’t quite right.  Your gut feeling is usually right.

You may think I’m insane.  You can call me crazy.  I don’t care.  I know what I saw, I know what I felt, I know that God wants me to warn you that when you feel an evil presence, protect yourself with prayer.  It worked for the other blogger.  It worked for me.  God IS watching over us, we just have to keep our faith in Him and He will protect us from evil.

I hereby declare that I will NOT surrender to evil of any form, spirit, words, etc.  I am a Child of God and will remain faithful to my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I pray for protection for all that are affected by Satan and his workers.  Listen to your gut. Listen to your God.  In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!